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frames go so fast you can't read them..

If I touch it at the bottom left only I can get them to stop

screens change to fast

Also have this error on the main page

Last Reset:

Fatal Exception:0 flag:6



I guess this error is normal ...I see it on the demo you have on the for sale page


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 "epc1:0x00000000" is OK :)

For slowing down the timing say 2 times slower, you can put in .ino file after Carousel carousel(&gfx, 0, 0, 240, 100); at the end of setup() section.

carousel.setTimePerFrame(10000);  //10 seconds [default is 5s]
carousel.setTimePerTransition(1000); //1 sec [default is 0.5s]

More info, see minigrafx code. If the functions above are not set in user code, then they are calculated by default values:

uint8_t updateInterval = 33;
uint16_t ticksPerFrame  = 151; // ~ 5000ms at 30 FPS
uint16_t ticksPerTransition = 15; // ~  500ms at 30 FPS

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Got this error....Sorry   ...But thanks for helping

esp8266-weather-station-color__02:112: error: 'carousel' does not name a type

 carousel.setTimePerFrame(10000);  //10 seconds [default is 5s]


esp8266-weather-station-color__02:113: error: 'carousel' does not name a type

 carousel.setTimePerTransition(1000); //1 sec [default is 0.5s]


exit status 1
'carousel' does not name a type
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The lines shouldn't  be placed there, please place them in setup() section, after other 2 lines starting with carousel. ...

  carousel.setFrames(frames, frameCount);
  carousel.setTimePerFrame(10000);  //10 seconds [default is 5s]
  carousel.setTimePerTransition(1000); //1 sec [default is 0.5s]

Note, maybe you need only the time per frame setting change. The other slows the transition moving.
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ok that worked...but it made no difference in the speed they change ..
I tried different numbers ...no luck
maybe the touch screen is bad ..
when I touch the screen .. the blue light on the back flashes bright and screen just keeps moving .. I didn't get to calibrate the screen it never ask me to..

Thanks Again
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I probably misunderstood your question and problem.
I thought you wanted to slow down the 3 x 2 forecast icons that automatically rotate every 5 sec. It looks you have another issue - it is the touching stuff.

To re-enable calibration once. You have to uncomment following line:
Then recompile and run once.
Then comment again and recompile.
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the screens flash by so fast 2 sec view and that's it...
won't stop no matter where I touch the screen..
If I touch it at the bottom left only I can get them to stop

I did what you said got the calibration screen for 2 sec.and gone reset tried again same thing...no help

Thanks for the other settings I did get them to slow down
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I to am having this problem, I have tried all the above and nothing.

I have a genuine Thingpulse Kit.

I did everything that is explained here https://docs.thingpulse.com/guides/wifi-color-display-kit/ and the screens rocket past without stopping unless I touch the screen, then one will stop until I take my finger of, then its back to rapid mode.

I have the V2 kit with the longer back board.

Hope you can help, as love the kit.
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Can you please try to comment out (add // ad the beginning of th line): https://github.com/ThingPulse/esp8266-weather-station-color/blob/0119e4938ea7c61a3eb316506e9b8c5bdab06163/esp8266-weather-station-color.ino#L222

It looks as if touchController.isTouched(0) falsely detects a touch. Please try that out and report back the effect. It should disable the fast carousel but it won't be possible to move to the next screen by touching the screen.
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Thanks man, that solved it. Got the screen I wanted.
Time jumps between 12/24H but you can't have it all.

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