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What event will wake-up the device after going to deep sleep in the example "esp8266-weather-station-color.ino"?

I tried a setting to go to sleep after a minute, but once in sleep mode, touching the screen does not wake-up the system.


It looks like after ESP puts the whole system to deep sleep,  then TFT device' TOUCH_IRQ output (that suppose to wake-up back ESP processor on next touch) does not change to low level anymore.

Since I just wanted after 10 min to turn the screen with its LED back light OFF and then ON on next touch, instead of sleep I used the low level' screen commands + toggle LED pin. This way, the system still runs and it is up to date even while the screen is off:

      tft.writecommand(ILI9341_DISPOFF); // instead of ESP.deepSleep(0,  WAKE_RF_DEFAULT);
      digitalWrite(TFT_LED, LOW); // turn off the back light

Then for screen back ON:

       digitalWrite(TFT_LED, HIGH);
       screen = 0;

Of course, you need to find your desired spot to add the ON (wakeup screen) code :)  I used an extra condition if (p.y > 250) in the touching processing section

if (touchController.isTouched(500)) {  ....

Thank you

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Thanks for posting Lorol Good to know about the power saving!!
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Hi Lorol,

The only issue I'm having is that the iSTouched test always evaluates to true after shutting off the LED and turning the display off. I ended up using the routine that tests for the lower region p.y < 80 and that works but I wanted to simply test if the screen was touched. I looked at the touchscreen driver cpp code and the isTouched seems to have a pressure (z) value returned so that is likely why I can't wake on isTouched only.

Anyhow, it's working nicely other than that. The screen sleeps until touching the lower spot. Very cool project.


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thanks lorol ...tried this patch and everything works except that when waking up, the display shows for a very short time and then going to sleep again regardless of the SLEEP_INTERVAL_SECS set in config.h - tried to re-initialize this variable in wakeup but this dont work either ...
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My latest sketch with workaround solution is here:
At least it works stable for me.
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thanks - I already tried compiling your complete fork master. dont know whats wrong  - it compiles without error  but when running it, I get all icons with question mark. The serial monitor says:
PIFFS opened:
[HTTP] GET... code: -1
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I forgot to tell you that I introduced night icons processing, but the dependency code is in different place. So you need to use this library fork with uncommented
#define NIGHTICONS in WundergroundConditions.h and  WundergroundForecast.h

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checked and manually edited all 4 files and uncommented the NIGHTICONS define  -  but still the same problem.  Have to check the fork zip-download (this should contain all the libs right? so why the changes were not there?) Maybe i`d better wait for a possible update ...
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Probably your Arduino IDE still takes the original lib, not the modified one. You cannot have same library twice in libraries.

The reason of my library mod's is shown here:

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