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I have a SQUIX Color Weather station that worked perfectly until WunderGround discontinued their 'free' API.  I have been trying to find the correct Arduino Sketch/Libraries etc. to load so that I can continue to use the Weather station.  I have read the ThingPulse ESP8266 WiFi Color Display Kit guide but it does not help.  Specifically following the "Install the ESP8266 toolchain" section does not identify the specific package I need from GitHub. I have downloaded and unzipped "esp8266-weather-station-color-master.zip".  When I try to compile the Arduino sketch "esp8266-weather-station-color", it throws an error "Error compiling for board LOLIN(Wemos) D1 mini Pro" which is the board identified in the guide for the Color Display Kit.  Just for grins I set the board the "NodeMCU" and it also fails.  I installed the "esp8266" board (v2.4.2) in the IDE as described in the guide.  ??   Anyone have experience going from the SQUIX code to the ThinkPulse code?
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What are the compile errors you are getting? Did you install the latest version of all the libraries listed in the guide?
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I believe I have installed the latest libraries. Is there a way to attach the Error Dump file ?  The specific fatal error is:
"Error compiling for board LOLIN(EMOS) D1 mini Pro."
Prior to this error there was a message that read,
"collect2.exe:  error:  ld returned 1 exit status"
After that message there were six lines each describing a library being used...
"Using library simpleDSTadjust…"
"Using library SPI..."
"Using library ESP8266WiFi..."
"Using library XPT2046_Touchscreen..."
"Using library Json_Streaming_Parser-1.0.5..."
"Using library Mini_Grafx-0.0.12..."
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"Using library Mini_Grafx-0.0.12..." - this definitely isn't the latest. We're currently at 1.2.2. I propose you first go to Sketch > Include Library... > Manage Libraries.... and update the libs.

Recent versions of the Arduino IDE regularly flash a notification popup when new versions of libs become available.
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Done, same error....
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I've discovered ANOTHER package on github:
This file is considerably larger than those I had previously downloaded.
Is this the correct package??
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That link is not a correct version, you should use the thingpulse sources

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