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Hi, I added the required information like WLAN key and API Keys to the weather station demo. It compiles nicely and I could upload it. But it does not read/write any information to/from the internet nor does the screen cycling starts?

The open weather map forecast sketch runs smoothly with the same WLAN settings.

It seems to be a problem with the additional sensor information that should be read out and transferred to ThingSpeed.

Unfortunately, I'm stuck now for two days and I need the system up and running for a small IoT Demo next week.

Maybe someone can supply me the latest running WeatherStationDemo sketch where I only have to change Wlan and API settings.
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Hi, nobody any idea, I'm getting frustrated reading sensors (gy-30 light intensity, DHT11, and BMP180) and getting a connection to thing speed. I tried different templates now, but none seems to work
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Still nobody with an idea?

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