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Receiving a errors during compile

1. /home/liveyoung/Arduino/libraries/esp8266-weather-station-color-master/weathericons.h:3726:26: error: expected initializer before 'PROGMEM'
 const char miniunknown[] PROGMEM = {

for any variable declare in weathericons.

2. /home/liveyoung/Arduino/libraries/esp8266-weather-station-color-master/weathericons.h:3771:40: error: 'String' was not declared in this scope
 const char* getMeteoconIconFromProgmem(String iconText) {

3. /home/liveyoung/Arduino/libraries/esp8266-weather-station-color-master/weathericons.h:3771:55: error: 'const char* getMeteoconIconFromProgmem(String)' redeclared as different kind of symbol
 const char* getMeteoconIconFromProgmem(String iconText) {

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