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Assembled the ESP8266 WeMos board, with IL19341 Color TFT display and interface board.  Downloaded the WiFiDemo and got the serial monitor to output local WiFi spots to the pc.  Followed ESP8266 weather station getting started guide and built the Arduino Sketch for the ESP8266 Weather Station.  Changed the parameters and inserted Wunderground API.   Appears that it found the WiFi link and the blue LED is rapidly flashing as if it's communicating with my WiFi router.   However I get NO display, no backlight, nada.  I verified that the display board is getting 3.3vdc.  Hooked it up to a 1.5A power supply, via USB connector, and still nothing.   I left the SD card connector on the display card and used electrical tape to insulate it from the WeMos connector pins so there are no short circuits.  Does the SD card connector have to be removed for the display to operate?

How do I troubleshoot the TFT color display board?   The I2C connections are specified as SDA_pin=D3 and SDC_pin=D4.

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Your question about SDA and SDC pin indicate that you are using the WeatherStation classic code which uses I2C connection. The color kit on the other hand is using SPI and a whole bunch of different pins. And you should use this code:


Is my assumption correct that you tried to run a different code?

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Hello Daniel.  That explains my problem!  A bit more challenging for a hardware guy and this was my first encounter using the ESP8266.   Downloaded the ESP8266-weather-station-color zip file and built the Arduino Sketch.   The SPI connected IL19341 TFT display came up and running once I finally added all of the files and downloaded the files needed in the library manager.  WiFi seemed to connect correctly.  Now I just need to add the proper settings for the setup.h file correct to display the proper info.
Thanks! ~ Jim ~
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Just a follow up, Daniel.  Fixed the location and time parameters and everything began to work perfectly....except!    When the program commands the ESP8266 to go into sleep mode, it displays the time floating on the TFT display.  This is NICE, btw!   However, when I touch the screen, it momentarily flashes to another screen display and immediately reverts back to sleep mode....  it never comes back to the main weather display.  I commented out the sleep commands and now it works fine...but never goes into sleep mode.  When I get more time, this "non-programmer" will try to understand the code and figure out why touching the TFT screen only pops it out momentarily before jumping immediately back into sleep mode once I release the touch on the TFT screen.

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