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I am working through Daniel Eichorn's Weather Station Kindle book.  In Daniel's latest version of WeatherStationDemo dated 2018 there is a required library called coredecls.h that the compiler can't find (using Arduino IDE 1.8.8).  I can't figure out where to get that particular library. 

These are the library versions I have installed, all the latest versions per the Library Manager:

ESP8266 OLED driver 4.0.0

ESP8266 Weather Station 1.6.5

JSON Streaming Parser 1.0.5

Are there any other libraries I need to install?  Is there a later version that I need to install?

Thank you all so much!!!

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Answering my own question.  I had loaded an early version of the ESP8266 package in Board Manager.  Once I updated it to the latest version 2.4.2 (not the Beta versions) the 2018 sketch compiled successfully.

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