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I received the ESP8266 WiFi Color Weather Station yesterday. After some planning and research, I was able to assemble it, sign up for the API, modify the settings and compile and download the code and all was working. I was quite please with how well documented everything was.

That was last night at about 9:30 when I put it down on my bench and retired for the night. I just got up to find that the Wemos device is apparently functional but the LCD panel has failed. I am thinking the Wemos device and touch screen are functioning because I see LED activity similar to how it was reacting last night, as well,  I can seemingly download the code to the device with no errors. I have examined the Serial output for any error messages and I see none.

I left the unit unplugged for several hours while I worked on some other projects and I just came back to this and the LCD panel is working again. I feel this panel has a thermal related issue. I am monitoring it for further outage. In the time it took for me to write this paragraph, the screen went white again... I can let it cool off for a few minutes and try again and it works just long enough to show the main weather screen and then blanks again. Each time I let it cool and try again, the working interval gets shorter and shorter.

How do I get a replacement for this LCD unit?

 Thanks in advance,
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Thermal issues like this are often caused by incorrect supply voltages.

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Having not received any response from the vendor, I placed an order for a $7 replacement LCD screen which was almost an exact copy of the panel that was sent in the original kit. Plugged in and it works. Plugged in the original panel and got the same 30 or so seconds and the screen blanks. Plugged in the new panel and it works. I left the panel overnight and it has been on continuously for over 12 hours now with no issues.

I am still considering if I want to return the whole thing and be done, order another one and return that one with the bad screen or just keep this one and tear down the screen as a repair challenge. Decisions, decisions...
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Greg, great to see you've got a working display now. Kudos for your effort to handle this. I'm sorry we didn't pick up this thread earlier. We'll get in touch with you by email.
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Which code are you using, this could have been a weather server problem now cleared.
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I assure you that this is NOT a code or a Server issue. It is a thermal issue within the LCD Panel.

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