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are there any plans to support OLED color-displays with a SSD1351 driver for WeatherStationClassic?

These displays have a resolution of 128x128 pixel, which would offer some more beautiful display options.

Your 1306 SPI-driver would need to be enhanced to support these kind of displays I suppose. You could offer a "Classic-Color-Kit" then.

Regards, Klaus

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There are no immediate plans to support this. However, if you don't mind re-writing part of the code there's an Adafruit library for that display: https://github.com/adafruit/Adafruit-SSD1351-library
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There are two ways adapting the code to the display.
1. adapt the WeatherStationClassic code to Adafruits library
2. extend your 1306-library to support the 1351 chipset

I believe that the second approach will be more successful. Otherwise the API between App and Lib has to be changed completely. Also I think you implemented some kind of double buffering into the library to avoid flickering. This is not supported by Adafruits Lib now.
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The display buffering of the 1306/1106 is a hardware feature, the SSD1351 does not have that facility, I just checked the data sheet.

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