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When the ESPaper finally ran out of battery (4/5 weeks) I couldn't get it to restart after charging the battery thru the USB port. I pressed the refresh(RST) button with no result. I had to insert the converter and download the program again for it to start working again. It was fully recharged when it came back to life after the download.

Do I need to do something special to get it working again after battery discharge?

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Did you try disconnecting and then reconnecting the power to see if it restarted, it probably would have, there should be no need to re-programme the ESP.
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Dave, Thanks for the responce.  Yes I did try reconnecting the USB port several times with several cables and wall warts.  Initially the red internal light came on and eventually went out. I assume that indicated that it was charged.  I tried pushing the refresh button(Reset) several times also. I also tried to power it via the usb converter. The small red light on the converter(Supplied with the complete unit) which indicated (to me) that the internal battery was supplying the voltage because I hadn't plugged in the usb cable yet. I also tried to readthe TX from the unit wit coolterm. The only readable printing came up when I switched to 77500 baud? should have been set for 115200 in the setup. I did get some reporting BUT it did not start the weather program.  That is when I rebuilt and relaoded the program. It started right up!
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If the battery was never disconnected then the ESP was never reset, I think that's what it needed.
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I didn't take the unit apart to remove the battery. I just plugged in the USB power connector.
I'll let you know when it runs out again in about a month.

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