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The touch points are not working. The time does not change when I touch the top portion of the screen. I was trying to do some custom work in it as well, so I made a button. But when I am on the button screen, no matter where I press, it is like I pressed the button. So I went back to your code and added some code to print the touch coordinates the serial, but it is only printing mumbo jumbo to the serial. I installed the TouchPaint sketch from the Mini_Grafx library and if I touch on the bottom left, the dot appears in the top right. If I touch the top left, it appears in the bottom right, so it's mirrored around the center. I have tried completely reformatting my esp8266 and redoing the touch calibration and it doesn't work.

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I think by playing with a few lines in TouchControllerWS.cpp you can fix the mirror:

Try to change these lines    

int x = (p.y - ax) * dx;
int y = 320 - (p.x - ay) * dy;


int x = 200 - (p.y - ax) * dx;
int y = (p.x - ay) * dy;

I'm not quite sure why some devices behave like this...

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