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Hi, I‘ve changed my location to Erfurt, DE and the display shows a time 8 hours in future but in the correct timezone (CEST).


I‘m using the latest code ... git clone ...

// OpenWeatherMap Settings
// Sign up here to get an API key: https://docs.thingpulse.com/how-tos/openweathermap-key/
const uint8_t MAX_FORECASTS = 10;
struct dstRule StartRule = {"CEST", Last, Sun, Mar, 2, 3600}; // Central European Summer Time = UTC/GMT +2 hours
struct dstRule EndRule = {"CET", Last, Sun, Oct, 2, 0};       // Central European Time = UTC/GMT +1 hour
// values in metric or imperial system?
const boolean IS_METRIC = true;
// Change for 12 Hour/ 24 hour style clock
bool IS_STYLE_12HR = false;
// change for different ntp (time servers)
#define NTP_SERVERS "0.ch.pool.ntp.org", "1.ch.pool.ntp.org", "2.ch.pool.ntp.org"


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Are you using the latest version of the code? Can you please attach a photo of the display and the `settings.h` (mask WiFi settings and OWM API key).
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Sorry, can't reproduce this here with the latest version of the app (we're now using `OPEN_WEATHER_MAP_LOCATION_ID` instead of `OPEN_WEATHER_MAP_LOCATION`).

Maybe the serial console would reveal some more secrets like e.g. a failed NTP sync?

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I found the reason for the wrong time .... quite surprising .... I did some basic tests using the sample code of the library used by you and it returned a similar value - so it had to do with my environment. Some additional tests showed a weiter behavior of the guest wlan I be used - in particular it returned a wrong timestamp for NTP requests.

After changing the hotspot everything worked as expected.

Sorry for using your time.



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