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I have just finished working on the WeatherStationWithDHT22.ino (dated 2016) and although it seems to be working it will not display any weather info from the weather underground, it seems my WUNDERGROUND_API_KEY no longer works and I would like to convert this to the Open Weather channel.

 Plus I would also love to have this displaying the time and weather in American English and not metric and military time. Is this possible to do and still keep the 5 scrolling page format because I would really love to put this in a case and use it as a bedside weather station for the first thing I see every morning when I wake up.

Thank you


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There is a version for OWM now.
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Cool, do you have a link because I am unable to locate it myself,

Thank you
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Thank you for the link. I do have a similar working version of the weather station color but I posted this in the weather station classic section hoping someone could help me with the older versions, the simpler versions. There is a few other simpler versions out there and I am trying to get all them to work.
I am working on a Moebius B9 Robot model and I want to use one of those other versions on his pedestal but it is a hard thing to decide on which one when I don't know how to get those to sketches to work.
But thank you again

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