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Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. I have been interested in your kits, and I think that 2.4" Wifi Color Display kit will suit my needs. Can you please verify that I will be able to have the following:

A clock display that remains on at all times

Weather forecast information

The ability to use a larger display than that supplied in the kit.

I see the information regarding weather underground and their discontinuation of the free service. Can you give me any idea on how soon you will be able to integrate data from another provider?

Thank you again for your help. I am really looking forward to trying this kit!

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The code can’t (easily) be changed to landscape.

Larger screens are available but often lack suitable drivers, the maximum screen size I’ve ever seen is 2.8” using the ili9341 display driver, to use a larger screen would need considerable effort and there is no support for such an option.
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I just made mine, the clock is on all the time. I am not sure about a bigger display.

It is already integrated with OpenWeatherMap https://openweathermap.org

It has great weather forecast information.

I would recommend getting it and giving it a go.
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Thanks so much for your reply. Any idea if I can rotate the display 90 degrees for a landscape orientation?
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I found a very nice case and modified code for horizontal orientation for Daniel's color weather station on Thingiverse.  See https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2680855  The download includes the Arduino IDE code for the ESP8266, and files to 3D print a very nice case.  Unfortunately this code still requires the WeatherUnderground API, so you will have to make some changes if you don't already have API.

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