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Hello !

I'm pretty new to the ESP and NodeMCU world. I followed the exellent Weatherstation guide and I got something working, however there is something I don't understand.

I have 2 different OLED screens, 0.96 and 1.3 inches. Both seem to use the same wiring (GND, VCC, SCL and SDA) but everything runs fine on the smalled one, and I only get a scrambled display on the bigger one. Some characters appear, in the middle of what seems to be noise. It moves regularly when the display is supposed to scroll from one frame to the next.

I guess I missed something but I can't figure out what, did somebody have the same thing ?

Thanks !

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OK, found it. The 1st screen is a SSD1306, the second one is a SH1106. Using the correct library helps a lot :)

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