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I have the color display with the wemos running without problems. The touch is also working.

I loaded this sketch: https://github.com/ThingPulse/esp8266-weather-station-color but I only see the time as 01:00:00 and date as Thu Jan 01 1970. The wifi signal is at around 80%. The weather is also only "?".

Is there any chance to debug the code and find out whats happening?

The console only shows this:

....PIFFS opened:
[HTTP] GET... code: -1
[HTTP] GET... code: -1
[HTTP] GET... code: -1

When I call the wunderground url from a browser, a valid json is returned, so the api-key and everything is working.



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Ups, my router was blocking outgoing connection :)
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[HTTP] GET... code: -1

Did you deliberately omit the URL or is it really printed like that? If not, did you try hitting those URLs in your browser?

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Oh, didn't refresh this page in browser before writing an answer.

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