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Initially running the weather app it ran for ~2 weeks on a charge. 

Just charged it and it lasted about 2 hours before running out of battery mid-update (screen is black and says "refreshing data".

Have charged several times and this is the regular behavior now. Any way to debug what's going on?  Updates are default (every 20 minutes). No change since it worked fine for 2 weeks. Could the API be spinning too long? Any way to monitor that aspect? I can sniff packets, etc.

Charge goes to ~70% and then stops (was always this way from day 1 so not sure this is pertinent to the issue). It's measuring 0.02A on a USB charge monitor at that point (0.40 when charging and updating via WiFi). If I watch at the "full charge" point of 70% it'll start dropping to 67% or 65% and then return to 70% - usually over about an hour.


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I fixed 70% issue a while back with an update to the github repo. 2 hours is extremely short. If I'd have to guess the device doesn't go to sleep at all while constantly trying to use WiFi connection. Have you tried to plug in the programmer and see what is printed on the Serial monitor of the Arduino IDE? There you'd probably see where it is getting stuck.

You could also check your access point if the device is still connected or ping it if you know the IP

Not sure what could have caused this issue. Maybe you changed your WiFi credentials?
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Reflashed with the latest code and the issue seems resolved. Thank you
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After some iterations device is frozen during the black "Refresh data" screen.
Port monitor output is:
***********set register Start**********
***********set register  end**********
Failed to open config file
State: 1
[MOVISTAR_EB90][*********].Writing buffer
full init
***********set register Start**********
***********set register  end**********
[HTTP] GET... code: 200
start document
[HTTP] GET... code: 200
start document

With the Update button does not recover, just is locked in the same point.
After uploading the program again the Espaper recovers normal behaviour.
Now I am charging again the device by USB port. Battery was 100% yesterday night and this morning was 0% but it is true that yesterday I only charged from the computer serial port.

After charging the problem is still happening.

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