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I have the epaper display plus (the one with the case) How do I know when it is in programming mode? The instructions say:
"Programming mode: 1) press button S0. 2) Hold it down while pressing RESET 3) Release RESET"

When I do this will a light come on or turn off on the 
CP2102 programmer? 
Should the unit be turned on or off?
Will the screen respond?

The only thing that my unit does is the screen with refresh (it shows the logo) when it is plugged in. There is a red light on the programmer that will turn on when it is first connected to my computer. If I press the buttons as instructed the red light turns. off. 

How do I get into programming mode?


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I discovered the issue. The board needed to be powered via usb in addition to the USB serial connection. Now when I hold the two buttons then release the reset button the green light on the back becomes dim. Is this programming mode?

I'm still having an issue getting the port to show up in Arduino IDE, so I still can't upload.

I've installed the CP2102 driver and restarted. But the port isn't showing up. I can program other esp8266 boards without issue. I'm on Mac OS... any suggestions?
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Follow these steps:
1) Attach the programmer to the USB cable, do not yet attach it to the ESPaper or the computer
2) Now attach it to the computer. If it doesn't show up try different ports. On my 2017 MacBook Pro I had to use a powered USB Hub.
3) If that still doesn't help restart the computer and try again.
4) If you still don't see the programmer go to your command line and execute "sudo dmesg" after connecting the programmer. In my case the system saw the programmer as consuming too much energy and turned it off
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Thanks. I tried this. I used a cable and port that work with my esp8266 node MCU board.

Then I tried the command and got this:

isInactinve = 0.
terminate optins =   10000d, result = 1, !
isInactinve = 1.
wch_usb stop.
wch_usb detach. provider USB2.0-Serial.
wch_usb free.

Is this a power issue?

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