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Before I open it up and look for a loose connector or bad solder joints, can this be caused by software?  It's just the right half of the display, not the entire thing

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Lines missing: https://www.flickr.com/photos/39281070@N05/39316930241/in/dateposted-public/

Possible solder bridge: https://www.flickr.com/photos/39281070@N05/24453626027/in/dateposted-public/

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Hi JCG42. Thank you for reporting this issue. I don't think it's the soldering bridge, mine looks like yours. My first guess would be that connector of the display to the module. There is a black latch at the connector. Open it, pull out the flat wire, maybe clean it and push it back in, close the latch and see if the problem is still there...
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Thanks; tried removing & cleaning, but the issue persists.
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Hi, jcg42. Can you try another location and/or Celsius temperatures?
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Bought a second unit; both on the same flashed code. This one displays fine, old one has the vertical lines issue. Changed to display Los Angeles, CA and Celsius and no difference.  Figure it is just a bad display at this point.
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When I received the ESPaper with the box the e-paper display was not well fixed on the board by the adhesive film and has moved. The display was working fine but was over its location.

My problem was initially after repositioning the display on the board using the guiding lines on the board, the display was not aligned to the frame of the box (like you can see in the pictures). But the display was full operating and I compiled and updloaded the project with my local weather configured.

Additionally when I closed back the box, if just a little pressure on the screws and the displays have one or more missing vertical lines, depending on the pressure. I think the display band was combed.

Finally I tried to reposition a second chance the display and it broked (this time was very strongly fixed on the board). I did that because I could not close the box but now I regret it.

I think originally the display was not well fixed on the board. Once it is fixed you can not remove without breaking it because is very thin. Can I replace the display with a new part? If it is possible I am not sure how to position the display on the board.

Link to pictures --> https://photos.app.goo.gl/t7BY3EG9VbkF1H6x2

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Hi JCG42

I start to suspect that the issue is related to an update I did on the epaper driver. Can you please try to add the following code on line 147 of the .ino file:


Please let me know if this helped.


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Appears to make no difference. Updated to latest code from GitHub since line numbers didn't match for that change.

During the screen refresh, the right hand third is a different shade than the rest while it blacks out completely, which corresponds to the part that has the vertical line issue.

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