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i can't find the driver to connect to color weather display to my computer, i have tried on mac and windows i have tried downloading and installing several  CH341 drivers but the Board don't become visible in port settings in Arduino IDE.

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Have you installed the esp8266 (nodeMCU 1.0 ESP-12E module) using the board manager in the Arduino IDE?
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yes that is installed, all is set up as described, but i can't find it in the port
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are you sure that the USB cable you're using supports data? Some only connect the power pins for charging. I have environment working on 3 computers and haven't had an issue connecting after installing the esp8266 with the board manager. I'm not sure what else to suggest after that.

it looks one of two possible drivers could be needed:


Win: http://blog.squix.org/downloads/CH341SER.zip
• Mac: https://blog.squix.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/CH34x_Install_V1.3.zip

Have you tried both?

This is all mentioned in the getting started guide:
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