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when changing the location in espaper setup mode, the displayed_city_name remains the old one, while data is from new location - which is quite confusing.

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Not sure what you're asking.

Would you mind clarifying the question? smiley

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dont know how I can make it clear. On top of the actual temperature there is the city name. When changing the location using the setup mode this city name does not change. Is this correct?
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Just to make sure we're discussing the same files, download/clone this GitHub:


In Arduino IDE, select the "settings.h" tab.  On line #79 will be


Write the City Name in between the ""
EXAMPLE:     String DISPLAYED_CITY_NAME = "This is My City";
Save & compile & upload to device.
The city typed above will be displayed.

"Wunderground City" seen in the ESPaper Setup Mode changed via changes the weather readings such as temperature/forecast to another location but it does not change the actual displayed city name that you previously typed in String DISPLAYED_CITY_NAME = "";

Does that make sense?
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yes, we are talking about the same firmware.  its excactly what I found. when entering eg. Stockholm in the html-setup page I´ll have Stockholm weather displayed with the initially entered city "Basel" in the title line. Did you see similar behavior?
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The code for City name is just that. It's not used by Weather Underground to find the forecast. Only for display on the espaper display.

String DISPLAYED_CITY_NAME = "Steiner Ranch";

Here I am pointing to a personal weather station (pws) in my backyard. If I had included my city (Austin) in the WUNDERGROUND_CITY string then the weather data would be from the city center and not my local weather station. Make sense?
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makes sense ... but doesnt solve my problem. looks like in my case it is better not to enter a city name at DISPLAYED_CITY_NAME.
thanks for your help.
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starfish, where you "enter" DISPLAYED_CITY_NAME?
It looks like is not a part of the html configurable set - it has only WUNDERGROUND_CITY.
Note in the past we faced some problems with spaces in the WUNDERGROUND_CITY I am not sure if this was solved in by html configurator, or "%20" or "-" in names should be tried.

DISPLAYED_CITY_NAME is in settings.h
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yes, the displayed city name isn´t handled in the configurator source. its not really a problem - as mentioned I´ll not set the city name in settings, thats better than to have a wrong city name displayed after changing the city in html configurator.

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