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I get a lot of fun working with the ESP8266 OLED Display library!
But I had a small problem: http://oleddisplay.squix.ch/ creates a font with only Latin characters. How / where can I create a font with Cyrillic symbols?

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You can check my stuff here

Right upper menu - other tools, I have modified this Squix' generator to a local standalone font converter JAR from your system fonts including Cyrillic adjustments. See other-tools.zip -> win32-and-lin-java -> run_jar_V3.bat. Requires JRE.

For example 'java -jar "FontConverterV3.jar" "Arial" 16 bc'  generates Bold Latin+Cyrillic

After that, you can load the result to the editor at the link and play with bitmap of each character if you want.

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Yeah :) But i have no idea how code in java :)
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Me too :) that's why my java files were not very good to be shared.  Okay i will clean a bit and share what I did. I need some time. Also, another nice  tool update is coming soon.
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Hi again bangka. If you re-download again my zip file (you may need to clear browser cache to get updated zip), I added the java sources there.
I also modified codes to get Ё and ё as you said, and cleaned to ' ' all unused symbols to save memory.  See my fork of esp8266-oled-ssd1306 repository - I added Cyrillic stuff there, too and similar to your mod in OLEDDisplay.cpp. (but not tested yet).

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Ty a lot! All works fine ) Already tested. I also modify FontConverterV3.java by myself, but your code looks much pretty than my =)

I found why is FontConverterV3.jar crashes on Ubuntu. It was openjdk-9-jre. I remove thisone and replace by openjdk-8-jre.
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Good! If you make alternative clean Cyrillic 10, 16 and 24 sized arrays (other than Arial) to be used as  OLEDDisplayFonts.h, please share.

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