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I recently bought every part for the ESP8266 weather station. I followed every part of your instructions, step-by-step, and i came up with a result. But unfortunately, it was not the result that i wanted.

My oled display (1.3") is blinking, showing some unreadable numbers. It looks like the board itself does work well,
I can recognize the pattern, but its not how it should work, obviously.

I made a short video, please watch it and help me find out what should i do:


I was waiting so long to made this project, and I would really appreciate your kind help.^^

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The best way to rule out a defective module  is to have always 2x OLEDs and main board :)

Otherwise, you can check what is the chip of your OLED module and select an appropriate I2C driver (if available). SSD1306 and SH1106 are implemented. Hope one of these will be compatible. If not, then you have to search for / write a driver for yours.

Also measure if 3V3 power line remains stable when OLED is ON.

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