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I recently purchased the color weather station and really enjoy it. unfortunately, I realized that after approx 24 hours that the temperature stops updating. If I press the reset on the ESP8266 then the temp updates to the correct temperature and stays correct for approx 24 hours. The time is always correct though so I'm kind of at a loss for this. I did modify the original code to turn off the LCD after 1 minute and the touchscreen button for 12hr/24 hr time format toggle is used to wake the display. The updating should continue normally during screen off. This appears to work correctly and the display are all seemingly correct for 24 hours. I will likely revert back to the original code that keeps the display on continuously but thought I would check if anyone has any ideas why this might be happening.



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So after a few debugging modifications were made the weatherstation updates correctly now. I have no idea what made the difference or if it was sheer coincidence but everything seems to be working fine now. I added a line on the about screen to display local IP address and on the screen with the weather details I added a line to display what time the most recent update occurred so I could verify that it was updating every 15 minutes. All in all, it works well and is a nice unit.

I still have a couple lingering questions about the display though, the most confusing is why I can't PWM the TFT LED to create a dim display until the touch screen is touched??? If I dim the display or turn the LED off the system crashes? I'm guessing this somehow affects the power to the TFT IC but not sure. Anyhow, I am able to turn off the display until the touchscreen is touched so it still meets my needs.

Thanks and nice project.

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