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Today I received weather station bought here:


Generally after configuring it works, congratulations for very interesting project, but I have a problem with temperature shown on main screen: it is wrong. Despite I'm reading correct temperature from wunderground (checked by link given in settings.h) and it is correctly shown inside screen "current conditions", on the main screen I have wrong value. Both screens you can see here:


Anyway, now as I see, aliexpress sells this device with or without touch screen. When I bought my own (one month ago), there was no such choice, but price was equal to present "with touchpad". How can I check if my device has a touchpad or not? The most obvious method "just touch and check" tells me "not", but maybe it needs to be configured for working?

Thanks in advance and best regards


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I solved this problem by own, reason: not commented LM75 in settings.h.

But anyway, I'd like to ask, where I can find more detailed description of this hardware (AZSMZ), especially destiny and pinout of connectors.

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