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I stepped through the setup process. ESPaper is working, weather and time are displayed, but the three buttons aren't registering input.

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Just to be sure: are you using the lite kit or the plus kit? And you follow these steps? 

  1. you used this code: https://github.com/squix78/espaper-weatherstation/
  2. Then you succesfully upload it to the device
  3. Then you press the button on the left and keep it pressed, while you press the right button and release it (the left button is still pressed). You keep the left button pressed until the screen refreshes
How could you upload the code if the buttons (middle and right) don't react?
Could you post here the output of the serial console, when you do above steps?
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I also have this issue with the plus kit. I cannot not enter the config menu with pressing the buttons.

From the terminal, I get 'Failed to open config file' after pressing these buttons (and State 0). I understand that this file is saved in the flash memory. So my first guess was with the compilation options, as the 'Generic ESP8266 module' options do not have SPIFFS. So I want for other options like NodeMUC or Espino but no change, left with 'Failed to open config file'.

Am I missing something ? Any help appreciated !
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OK I got everything working by forcing a static IP address from my router, to prevent DHCP. You can get the mac address by inserted somewhere in the ino code :
  byte mac[6];
  Serial.print("MAC: ");
And you will be able to read from the terminal

To solve the 'Failed to open config file' I changed one of the 'Generic ESP8266 module' options to 'Flash size : 2 M (1M SPIFFS).

Every thing works like a charm...

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