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Just got the colour kit as well as the epaper one. Epaper is working fine and on the color one i'm using all the same wifi, wu and timezone setting as the working epaper.

Issue is the screen just loops round its screen fast

video of it : https://photos.app.goo.gl/AAefpjoZc4xo2rE43

I noticed on issue 22 https://github.com/squix78/esp8266-weather-station-color/issues/22   there was talk of this same issue and the touch screen driver chip.  Mine says its a hr2046 1703,  if i press bottom left the screen holds on the current screen.

Any ideas?


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Hi James

First of all, as a workaround you can disable line 204 in the code:

Just add a // in front. This will stop the rotating. Apparently the driver thinks that the touch screen is pressed, which is not the case. I'm having a hard time to fix it since I never got hardware with this behavior. Maybe it also is a bug in the driver of the touch screen... Can you try what happens if you change the number 500 in line 199? Either bigger or lower?

Kind regards,
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Making the 500 bigger or smaller didn't help, as you suggested it's constantly detecting touch.
I tried outputting the XY of the touch and got it to register . X went from -16000 to 16000 and Y from -4000 to 4000.
I then looked at the code and saw the section on calibration, which it had never asked for when i first started it. I added a isCalibrationAvailable=false;  to force it every boot.
Then when it booted it briefly showed the calibration screen and then started the main loop over the top.  So i added a return; at the beginning of the main loop.  
So now on boot it sits of calibrate touch bottom right. But touch it and nothing happens.

I don't know if calibration is a goose chase but it seems to makes sense as the issue.


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Similar problems on my end but not a kit from you.  Ended up commenting out the whole " if (touchController.isTouched(500))" section as my problem besides the touchscreen not working right was the time alternating between 12 and 24h.
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Mine is doing the samething.  Has the issue been looked at?

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