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I have a couple of 2.8 TFT displays I have been trying to update to the new Color Weatherstation code. They don’t register the touch, and just flip through the screens every 500ms, like they are constantly being touched. They have the same resolution, pins and such.

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Hi ITInstructor, I would recommend:

- Verify if your displays have exactly the same XPT2046 chip / module pin-out

- Verify if touching layer is not permanently punched, pressed or damaged to produce constant touch by using serial output like the example in your <libraries>\XPT2046_Touchscreen\examples\TouchTest\   Hopefully you will a workaround to "ignore" a punched zone by the application filtering (if the rest is still responsive) or adjust the sensitivity.

- Run the Color Weatherstation without touch connected, also search Github for "cxandy" variant of the project with an external button alternative

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You were right. The first two displays did not have the touchscreen chip. I bought a couple more, one didn't work, but the other did work just fine.

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