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Just received  the ESP 8266 Wifi Color Display kit. Was very quick. Thanks for that.

I have a question, it looks like there is a different PCB between the one mentionned in the setup guide, and the one I received.  Do you have an updated version of the setup guide?


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Hi. Yes, you are right, we "secretly" changed the board design a bit. I hope to do a updated guide as soon as possible but actually there should not be much of a difference: the PCB just became bigger and we added some distance screws to attach the PCB to the display module. This might prevent you from removing the SD card holder, since the PCB is now not hanging anymore. Do you have any doubts how to build it?
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Thanks.. No doubt  (not yet ...). I was just wondering on the choice of the connector (long or short pins) for the WMos ? Pretty sure of short. What do you think?
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I'am still not feeling confortable with the new PCB. What is the eaact order,  wich one is first?  Starting from the the top, is it the screen then the WEMos and then the new PCB?

Is there a place to send you photos?

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Don't  worry anymore ;>).

I got it working. Everything is fine.

Thanks  for all.
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Have you shared the source files for the new pcb design board?  It looks like a great improvement.
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I just put all together using the new PCB-layout.
First I was wondering, how to mount the PCB against the display unit. There is no sign which direction is the right one. I need to analyse the VCC and GND-lanes to find out the right direction. But now everything works fine.
Using the new PCB-layout, the Wemos could also be mounted between the two boards. But then the board has to be flipped by 180 degrees and a new wiring is required. This would reduce the overall thickness of the construction and the controller is hidden between. Actually there is no way to mount it this way.

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