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I've done the:

// Wunderground Settings
const boolean IS_METRIC = false;

and changed all the °C's to F's, but it still uses the Celsius value.  Am I missing something?  I can post the entire sketch if it will help.

Thanks. Jerry

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Are all values on all screens still in Celsius after you changed IS_METRIC to false ?
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Yes. I'm only at the first part of the tutorial where we should be getting the forecast for the city we chose. As I look at it today, it's still a centigrade number with a "°F" but it's not updating either. No 3 day forecast (never showed yet).  I'ts considerably hotter today and it still reads 27.10°F and 48.20% I can attach the sketch and the html of the api.wunderground if that will help.  Thank you.
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Updates / sync. may require to use other than the NTP servers in examples, especially f you are in North America.

As I tested, you can try directly this sketch:

With following correction for updates.


Regarding conversion, (if nothing else helps :) ) you can always add your own function, like this:

float C_to_F(float celsius)
  return 1.8 * celsius + 32;

Then use it:
temperature = C_to_F(temperature);

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