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Hi, my 4.2" ESPaper B&W stopped working about 3 Month ago. It refreshes the Display ervery 60s but it only shows:

"Connection to the server could not be established or it timed out. Verify this device has access to the internet. Will retry in 1min"

Which it does since 3 Months.

Please find attached the Serial log:

Boot sequence arrived in setup()
******** Client Version: "V031" ********
******** Device Type: "Espaper42Bw" ********
******** Screen Type: "" ********
Display Settings. CS: 15, RST: 2, DC: 5, BUSY: 4
Current free heap: 44824
Checking FS
WIFI_SSID = [************]
WIFI_PASS = [************]
TIMEZONE = [Europe/Zurich CET-1CEST,M3.5.0,M10.5.0/3]
NTP_SERVERS = [0.europe.pool.ntp.org,1.europe.pool.ntp.org,2.europe.pool.ntp.org]
DEVICE_ID = [*******-****-****-****-*******]
DEVICE_SECRET = [******************]
Loaded config
LAST_NTP_SYNC_TIME = [1716825641]
Loaded data file
Saved values in data file.
Button state: 1

***Time before connecting to WiFi 1750
WiFi connect..................................................
NTP sync....
Current time: 1716825718

***Time before going to fetching data 10520
Downloading resource from:
    Scheme: https
    Host: www.espaper.com
    Port: 443
    Path: /public/devices/*******-****-****-****-*******/screen
Using secure WiFi client
[HTTP] configuring server root cert in client
MFLN supported: yes
[HTTP] begin...
Connecting to www.espaper.com:443
Free mem: 31144
*** Can't connect. ***
Setting pin modes
Starting SPI transaction
Beginning SPI
Writting image to screen
Waiting until idle:
De-allocating frame buffer
Saved values in data file.
Free mem: 40504.
Waiting until idle:
Start millis: 10519, start time: 1716825718, current millis: 16576 -> now: 1716825724
Going to sleep for: 60[s]

Is there a certificate (cert) issue on the Server Side?

Seems like in this Thread but not answered/solved:


Please advise!

Best Regards


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