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Hello Daniel and Marcel,

You’ve probably heard that OWM are changing their OneCall API from June 2024, when version 2.5 will be withdrawn in favour of 3.0 which becomes a subscription service, although it still allows a much reduced 1000 calls a day for free, but must have a payment method registered so they can charge for excess API use ie above 1000.

I haven’t yet checked if there is compatibility between API 2.5 and 3.0 or whether it’s just the charging aspect, I will do so in the coming days, anyway I wanted to let you know so there were no surprises for you.

I note all current calls have 2.5 in them, which I presume will change to 3.0, but they have said nothing about other API’s being treated the same, I’m inclined to think they will. It would be prudent IMO to limit your code to 1000 calls per day in the event of an error and help prevent any litigation against you, since most people have become that way inclined.

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The structure of API response to the One Call API 3.0 is the same as in the One Call API 2.5, so it's just the API call limit of 1000 for free and the addition of a card charging method to the account.

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