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The bmp symbols are not visible on my ESP32 Color Kit Grande. Compiling went OK and I see weather forecast numbers on LCD screen. What went wrong on building the application?

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Most likely you did not execute the 2nd step from https://docs.thingpulse.com/guides/esp32-color-kit-grande/#upload-code-to-device - or it failed and you need to repeat it.
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Well, this did not solve my problem. On terminal screen of the Visual Studio Code I have the following info:

09:29:11.169 > [  7630][E][GfxUi.cpp:26] drawBmp():  File not found
09:29:11.186 > [  7646][I][main.cpp:196] drawForecast(): [4] condition code: 803, hour: 12, temp: 4.7/10.0
09:29:11.186 > [  7647][I][main.cpp:196] drawForecast(): [5] condition code: 801, hour: 12, temp: 1.0/8.1
09:29:11.197 > [  7652][I][main.cpp:196] drawForecast(): [6] condition code: 500, hour: 12, temp: 1.6/5.4
09:29:11.207 > [  7660][I][main.cpp:196] drawForecast(): [0] condition code: 803, hour: 12, temp: 0.5/6.1
09:29:11.243 > [  7705][E][vfs_api.cpp:24] open(): File system is not mounted
09:29:11.243 > [  7705][E][GfxUi.cpp:26] drawBmp():  File not found
09:29:11.280 > [  7742][E][vfs_api.cpp:24] open(): File system is not mounted
09:29:11.281 > [  7742][E][GfxUi.cpp:26] drawBmp():  File not found
09:29:11.317 > [  7778][E][vfs_api.cpp:24] open(): File system is not mounted
09:29:11.317 > [  7779][E][GfxUi.cpp:26] drawBmp():  File not found
09:29:11.354 > [  7816][E][vfs_api.cpp:24] open(): File system is not mounted
09:29:11.355 > [  7816][E][GfxUi.cpp:26] drawBmp():  File not found
09:29:11.475 > [  7937][E][vfs_api.cpp:24] open(): File system is not mounted
09:29:11.476 > [  7937][E][GfxUi.cpp:26] drawBmp():  File not found
09:29:11.515 > [  7975][I][main.cpp:147] drawAstro(): Moon phase: Waning Gibbous, illumination: 0.725221, age: 19.951845 -> image index: 22
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Yes, that is exactly the expected behavior if upload step 2 failed or wasn't executed. There is no file system (or an empty one) on the microcontroller.
When you obtain the code as per https://docs.thingpulse.com/guides/esp32-color-kit-grande/#obtain-the-code you should see a /data directory containing all the UI assets i.e. the same as here: https://github.com/ThingPulse/esp32-weather-station-touch/tree/master/data

If you execute the PlatformIO "Upload Filesystem Image" task, the whole data directory is uploaded and initialized as the file system. IIRC this task will fail if you have the serial monitor active at the same time in VS Code.
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Yes, the "Upload Filesystem Image" task solved the problem.  Thank you!
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Great you got that fixed. You now seem to have worked through the whole assembly process successfully. Would you mind spending a minute or two to give us an honest product feedback at https://thingpulse.com/product/esp32-wifi-color-display-kit-grande/. We would sure appreciate that, thanks.

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