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I need some support about fonts.

I make one project where i need big font.

I use your script for fonts but bigger which I can make is 120 pt, i need 200pt

Can you explane me how can i do that i use adafruit gfx library , i can make font by linux but the size of file is big and i can load to my code.

Thank you

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BTW, The screens used in these projects are typically 240x320 and 128x64 resolution. What do you expect to see with 200px font on them, like <= 1 symbol on entire screen?

Anyway ... if you want to play by drawing of 2-3 symbols of such exotic font yourself, you can try this tool.

There are conversion tools pulling font from the system to code array, but on this size it will be slow processing and huge output.

See this hack as well. It works

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