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I have modified the weather station color to work with wifimanager so wifi credentials can be changed without a recompile being needed. Everything works great except that the carousel now blinks which is super annoying. I have been looking at the Mini_Grafx library to try and find any settings that might help but any recommendation would be greatly appreciated. I tried adjusting:

carousel.setTargetFPS(35);               //fps test

//carousel.setTimePerFrame(1000);         //uint16_t time


to see if that would help and it does affect the blinking but I really don't know what I'm altering. It appears the loop task for the display might be out of time???

Thanks in advance, Dan
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Sorry, can't really help other than with maybe debugging advice. Have you already tried back-tracking the changes you introduced for the wifimanager? I usually do this in baby steps until I identify the one that introduced the buggy behavior.

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