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Recently purchased the kit and have it assembled.  Successfully compiled the code and uploaded to the Wemos.  When the Weather Station starts up, it goes into touchscreen calibration mode.  It presents the white dot in the upper left corner, but no amount of pressing on the dot (or anywhere on the LCD screen) has any effect.  i try using both my finger and the included stylus to no avail.  Any suggestions?  Defective LCD?
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All LCDs are tested before they land in the kit to ensure they work as expected i.e. we don't rely on the manufacturer's QA. Hence, unless it got damaged while unpacking it's unlikely the cause here. Judging from past experience I suggest you first check for cold solder joints - particularly those going to the touch controller. At https://docs.thingpulse.com/specs/wifi-color-display-kit/#wiring we documented the wiring diagram.
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I also cannot exit calibration mode.  Yellow screen with blue text asking me to quit pressing stays up even though I haven't touched the screen.    I did a continuity check looking for cold solder joints and continuity was good. Also checked for solder bridging between pins and found none.  I ran the color testbed sketch and got the following:

12:32:19.798 -> Touched
12:32:19.798 -> Screen changed
12:32:19.931 -> Touched
12:32:19.931 -> Screen changed
12:32:20.064 -> Touched
12:32:20.064 -> Screen changed
12:32:20.163 -> Touched
12:32:20.163 -> Screen changed
12:32:20.296 -> Touched
12:32:20.296 -> Screen changed
12:32:20.428 -> Touched
12:32:20.428 -> Screen changed

The screen was never touched.

Anything else I should check?
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That's really odd. Is the issue described at https://github.com/ThingPulse/esp8266-weather-station-color/issues/159 related or even the same?
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The sketch uses touchcontroller instead of touchscreen.  I did not find any place to adjust the touch sensitivity, but I may have missed something.

I breadboarded another setup and it worked fine, so I suspect  the LCD is bad. Not looking forward to unsoldering the old LCD!

I did order another kit, which I will use for the final project and use the other two LCDs for experimentation.  The faulty LCD works fine as a display only, just no touch screen.

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