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I am located in Adelaide South Australia, Davoren park is my suburb, the time zone (if (timezone == "Australia/Adelaide")        return PSTR("ACST-9:30ACDT,M10.1.0,M4.1.0/3");))

From settings.h String TIMEZONE = getTzInfo("Australia/Adelaide");) is set correct, and is displaying correct date and local time. In this location the max temperature reaches its peak at around 3 pm daily, likewise the minimum temperature is around 6 am in the morning usually.

The question is how to change these times for forecast, to 3pm and 6am daily, or more accurately MAX AND MIN for each day’s forecast. As forecast @ 10pm and 10am is, well to me it’s useless and wrong time of day to get max and min temp. 

Needs to be max and min forecast for each day as it is on their https://openweathermap.org/city/2071059 website. So how to correct please?

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There are a couple of things to note here. Maybe there's indeed a bug in the application.

  • "well to me it’s useless and wrong time of day to get max and min temp" - the app does not (intend to) display min/max forecast for every day AFAIU but simply the condition at two fixed points in time.
  • "forecast for each day as it is on their website" - that is a good observation. However, you also need to consider that they have possibly more data to work with because only some of their data is freely available through their API. Just a general note. See https://openweathermap.org/price for details.
  • If I am not mistaken the app uses the times/hours defined at https://github.com/ThingPulse/esp8266-weather-station-color/blob/master/esp8266-weather-station-color.ino#L384 to determine for which point in time to prepare forecasts.
    • Not ideal that this is not configured through settings.h.
    • Maybe the timezone offset is not applied to those two values?
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Their API actually has MIN and MAX temp data, it simply not being called correctly in the code.
I tried to adjust "uint8_t allowedHours[] = {12, 0};" it did little difference.
The code is using morning and evening data from the API. So I was hoping someone would have a work around for the API requests to change to MAX and MIN instead of morning and evening! In the original code using Underground initially did use min and max as seen on the shop page for the color esp kit.
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Careful, min/max as returned by the OWM API likely isn't what we expect it to be: https://openweathermap.org/forecast5#min

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