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I am unable to access the additional screens by touch.  The touch works only to change the date format between 12 and 24 hr.
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That's odd; never seen anything like that. Did you install the latest version of our software as per the documentation? Can you please paste the output of the serial console here in a follow-up comment?
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I made another for my grandson, and it works perfectly.  So I downloaded the identical sketch to mine and I still have no additional screens.  Maybe the touch calibration is off?  How do I invoke the touchscreen calibration routine?
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You can re-install the sketch from the Arduino IDE but tell it to wipe the entire flash content: Tools > Erase Flash > All Flash Contents

P.S. we are working on a more convenient solution at https://github.com/ThingPulse/esp8266-weather-station-color/pull/150
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Works great now!
Another question is the photo of the display on the ad shows the color blue.
I only have white and yellow?

An awesome feature would be to allow the user to change SSID and Password from the display.

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