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I've watched closely to see what happens with the moon phases and age/illum, and it seems that the data is correct, but the only thing displayed incorrectly is the image of the moon phase. I've noticed it is drawn on line fast forward, as if with every update, the moon phase goes forward, reaching the point to have them inverted, when at start it was correct. Any ideas where to tweak? Working with the latest release.
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Does any of the related posts answer this: https://support.thingpulse.com/search?q=Moon
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I did my homework before posting, but none of those helped. I did think at some moment that switching the hemispheres worked, even though I'm on the southern one. But again I had to confront the drawing on fast forward issue.
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I've managed to capture what i was talking about. The drawn image fast forwarded when the illumination was dropping, until it reached the phase as in the image. https://imgur.com/a/AMU21AE. It looks like its on 2x fast forward :)

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