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I've gotten WeatherStation Color to run on ESP8266 library version 3.0.2, with no compiler complaints.  I updated the code to use LittleFS.  Everything appears to work.  I have some timing issue with forecasts.  Without change, I was not getting forecasts.  If I insert a delay(1) in OpenWeatherMapForecast::value it works.  I really don't understand this, but while I was debugging I inserted some Serial.println() statements to see what was happening.  It started working.  So I backed out the print and inserted the delay, and found I could get it down to delay(1) and still work.  This is clearly a hack but it works.  All 4 screens appear to work and have good data.  I may be able to manage a pull request if you want it.  Or I can describe what I did.

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