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I'd like to use the wunderground icons in the weatherstation. They are on a SD and they have the Phrase (e.g. "Sunny.bmp"). The library let's me pull the icontext (wunderground.getForecastIcon(2)). This returns a "B".

Am I right there is no getForecastxxxx that will return the phrase? Is there a mapping between the ForecastIcon and Phrase you know off?

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Hi, there is a way to get this string:

See WundergroundForecastDemo.ino
Serial.println("getForecastIcon: " + forecasts[i].forecastIcon);

However, typical ESP8266 project doesn't have much RAM memory left, so playing with "your" or live downloaded bitmaps is very limited. So far, the best results are with embedded to the program memory, simplified 4-colors bit array pictures or monochrome bitmaps (fonts).
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Thank you, I'll try your suggestion

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