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Hi Daniel, Originally started with the Weather Station Kit, Now am working with your Color Weather Station Kit. Took me a while to get the kit up and running. A few snags I ran into and tips to help other makers: (1) It would help to list all the library files necessary to install for this kit, (2) when programming the Wemos D1 included in the kit it was best to program without the LCD connected (power drain on my USB port affected my computer). Now that I  know that the Arduino software configuration is good, all soldering is good and parts are working correctly I can now go on to tackle the enhancements that others have made to your great software (Like adding, Wifi Manager, or adding my own customizations)

Question: If I put the kit in a case, how would I upload a new program to the esp8266 board by USB if the power draw is so high?


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Ho JohnLum, this is actually a common issue amongst any device with low power output.

Use a powered USB Hub.

WeatherStation -> USB Hub (powered by AC adaptor) -> Computer.

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