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Where can i find tools for creating the bitmaps in WX Color?


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Can you explain it a bit more, please?
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I'm trying to export a graphic to a .xbm file. I convert it to a .C file to get it into the code....so far so good.

...but, it's not quite right. id displays garbled (though there is some semblance of the image)

I think it might be a padding issue....or something. also, don't know what these mean or how to generate the values....

 0x01, // Version: 1     ?????

  0x02, // BitDepth: 2     OK, I think I get what this means..... in this case a monochrome image?

  0x00, 0x32, // Width: 50
  0x00, 0x33, // Height: 51   OK, these are easy enough.

  // Round width to next byte: 56     I think this might be my problem?

how do I specify the pallette?

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I made a tool for this purpose, hope you like it:

It is tested on Mozilla and Chrome browsers on Win10.

Usage: Load a picture, convert and repeat if necessary by using the slides / preview the result over the screen.

With this demo picture you can test how the adjustments and conversion work.

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