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The currently working s/w shows moon phases as a white on black circle with the phases as filled in white circle or partial white circle. I would much rather see the bmp images of the real moon! ...........Thanks!

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One way to tackle this would be to load all the required bitmap images to SPIFFS (if there is enough space) and then to render them using the Mini Grafx lib's `drawBmpFromFile()` function.

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Worked great!! Now shows bmp images synced to "moonphases"!
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Great, happy to hear that! Did you take photos or videos that you published somewhere?
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No i haven't but, here is the very simple code: after uploading the bmp images into SPIFFS, I created a list of "if" statements......

if (moonData.phase == 7)  {
   gfx.drawBmpFromFile("/7_wan_cresc.bmp", 90, 260);}     

and it works great except that the images are colorized blue and yellow and not in  greyscale as image. Any ideas of how to change this?
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Understand, but iI would expect an24 bit image to display in greayscale. how can i get the image to use white instead of blue and yellow?
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Could you explain how to transfer bmp images to SPIFFS memory
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