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I recently purchased the wifi color tft board kit for my company Kiboworks.  I assembled it as per instructions, removing the SD card holder.  I have tried to get it to work, with no success.  Of the 3 examples included in the arduino library, the first screen display example does not compile, that the 2 touch screen tests do not output any touch info on the serial monitor.  The other example, the weather station, requires that I create an account at a 3rd party to test, so I did not do that, since I just want to get it working.  The other examples on the web page, like the rotating cube, do not include code.
I have tried other 9341 libraries, adapting pin configurations as appropriate, keeping in mind that the labeled D0-D8 pins are actually mapped to other GPIO pins on the wemos D1 mini module.  So far, I have not been able to get anything other than white on the display.  This means that I can light the LED by enabling the LED pin, but it seems like no communication is happening on the SPI.  Either it is not getting data, or the select line is not responding.
Do you have some test code that I can use that will tell me for sure if my module works?  If it is broken, how can I get it replaced?
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I believe I have confirmed that my screen works, using the TFT_eSPI library

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