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I followed the plans but when i get the part to set the ram, my only options are OTA and no SPIFF,

When it writes the file it gets stuck on this.


Hard resetting via RTS pin..."

and all i get is a white screen.

Anybody have any advice as to what i did wrong?
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Thanks for the console log and the video. Both are very helpful.

"I deleted the junk in the middle to be able to post this" - that "junk" is the stacktrace that can be decoded using the Arduino ESP8266/ESP32 Exception Stack Trace Decoder from https://github.com/me-no-dev/EspExceptionDecoder. It is extremely useful to debug crashes. Having the decoded output available would definitely help.

However, the video indicates we are likely dealing with a hardware issue. When the app boots the first thing you (should) see is the ThingPulse logo even before you see "Connecting to WiFi" on the console.  It then updates continuously showing what it's doing (WiFi connection, updating time, fetching data, etc.).

It is very difficult to diagnose hardware issues remotely. Do you happen to have alternative or spare components you could test against? Furthermore, we are having difficulty tracing this back as you didn't enter customer or order number in the provided field of the original post. Did you get your kit through Amazon?

P.S. I redacted your OWM API key and your WiFi password from the comments you pasted above.
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Yes I did purchase this kid from Amazon. I  bought it about two weeks ago now.  Would you recommend i not purchase from them and do so directly from you?

I can repost the full read out from the serial monitor if you' d like.
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The exception decoder has to be executed on the machine that built the binary (i.e. yours). Buying on Amazon is equivalent from buying through our own shop - given you got it from our Amazon store and not some copy-cat. That's one of the reason we're asking people to enter their customer/order numbers upon posting a Q here.

To rule out any hardware issue on your end I'd like you to flash a pre-built binary.

  1. Download and save https://transfer.sh/3zVFd/esp8266-weather-station-color.ino.bin
  2. Download and run our App Fairy from https://github.com/ThingPulse/app-fairy/releases
  3. Select the .bin file you downloaded in step 1 and flash it to your device.
  4. Hit the reset button on the device.

It should boot, display our logo and start connecting to a WiFi with an SSDI that likely doesn't exist (mine). If the app gets this far we know it must be a software issue.

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I did exactly what you described above. I downloaded the file, installed it using the app-fairy. The screen flashes white and stays white while trying to connect to wifi.

I opened the serial monitor and saw it was trying to connect to the internet but the screen stay white the whole time with no change.

Do you think I have a  hardware issue now?
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I am quite convinced now we're dealing with a hardware issue. However, although it looks like a problem with the display we can't rule out it's the WeMos device. Please send us an email with your complete address and we'll send you a spare display.

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