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Hi all,

my weather station runs really well, but one last issue still remains:

The date in the first row of the display is still in US format. Is there any possibility to change it to the German format (weekday, date, month, year)?

Any help is appreciated.


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Hi Marcel,

thank you very much for your reply. It seems that I am running an older software version as the line that writes the date was completely different. But no big deal I just had to replace

String date = ctime(&now);
date = date.substring(0,11) + String(1900 + timeinfo->tm_year);


String date = WDAY_NAMES[timeinfo->tm_wday] + " " + String(timeinfo->tm_mday) + ". " + MONTH_NAMES[timeinfo->tm_mon] + " "  + String(1900 + timeinfo->tm_year);

and it worked like a charme :)



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