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I recently received the weather station kit, and I am very pleased with it, everything is working well.
The problem that I am having is as follows...
I would like to add additional sensor data via I2C.  It appears that the default wemos SDA and SCL pins D1 and D2 are allocated for the TFT display.  It also appears that pins D3 and D4 are allocated for the touch screen.  Both of these are working perfectly.  I have assigned pins D6 and D7 (GPIO 12/13) to my I2C bus for additional sensors.  Unfortunately, I've found that if I call the Wire.begin(D6,D7), the touch screen and display no longer function properly.  I have tried a few other pins with the same result.  I have even tried calling the Wire.begin(D1,D2) or Wire.begin(D3,D4) before using the TFT or touch screen functions again, and they will never function until the wemos is restarted.  It seems that calling the Wire.begin() breaks the existing TFT or touchscreen communication.
Any recommendations for a solution?

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