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[Order #1704] (2020-03-01)

Do you have any  updates on the delivery please, I placed an order about 14-days ago.

Thanks David

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The customer update we had planned for this weekend should have landed in your inbox by now :)
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Great, thanks for the update, I'm looking forward to receiving it.
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Hi Chaps,

Got my board today, very pleased with it. Measures 25.9uA in deep sleep, a good result.

Observations - to the uninitiated, it could be difficult to figure out how to power it in low power / sleep conditions, I mean not via the USB port, I think you could usefully add some examples, or documentation that sets that out - how to... etc using Vin and Gnd.

It would have been a perfect board if it had an on-board e.g. TP4056 battery charger and a battery connector JST style and finally on IO35 a voltage divider to measure Vbat using two 470K resistors as a voltage divider, that would add ~5uA to sleep current which is negligible.  There is space for all of that. I like the fact that you've included two 3.3v/Gnd connectors too.

All the same, very please with my purchase.
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David, thank you so much for this valuable feedback! We really appreciate this. Can we ask you for a favor? Would you mind posting this feedback also as a product review in our shop at https://thingpulse.com/product/epulse-low-power-esp32-development-board/.

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