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I created an issue in Github last month, but since I didn't get answer, I am trying here:


Basically since December, I can't read the data anymore. Tonight I tried to reflash the old code (v017). While monitoring the Serial port, I can see the device is successfuly connecting to the server. Then the device upgrades to v031, so connection is doing OK I guess.

However after reboot, the device is still the same:


Doing my investigations, I deleted the device from espaper.com. And now I can't Register is back !

Device MAC is 68:c6:3a:85:17:af

Any help is welcome, my device is basically just a brick now !
Note: during the update to v031, I could see a black ribbon at the top of the screen telling me upgrade in progress. So I believe the screen is OK, but the data is wrongly interpreted.

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Sorry that earlier GitHub issue went unnoticed. Opening a ticket here is the right thing to do. Thanks for documenting your case so thoroughly. 


When you pair the device with the server the firmware writes a file to SPIFFS that contains the device id & secret. That file's existence and valid content tell the firmware that it is paired with the server.

Since you deleted the device on the server there's now a mismatch of registration information. The device still thinks it's paired and thus it won't trigger the pairing process. The file on SPIFFS needs to go. There are two options: A) flash the firmware erasing SPIFFS as well B) reset the firmware through the web UI:

  1. Press the left button
  2. Hold it down while pressing the right button (reset)
  3. Release the right button
  4. Release left button
The device will boot into config mode, open a WiFi access point 'ESPaperConfig' and start a webserver at Connect to WiFi 'ESPaperConfig' from a computer and point a web browser to There is a 'Reset' button on the web page that opens.


I am wondering if the flat ribbon cable connecting display and PCB might show signs of corrosion. We had a similar case here: https://support.thingpulse.com/1133/is-my-screen-broken

Do you feel comfortable opening the case and pulling out the ribbon cable to check that? Be careful when you open the latch on the connector by gently pulling the two small knobs on either side of the latch.

Looking forward to your feedback.

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Thanks Marcel for your answer.

So I could go to Configuration Mode. After a reset, I had to reenter my SSID and password:


Then I restarted the device, and the screen went bad. I could try to clean the ribbon, but since the Configuration Mode screen is OK, I am thinking of a firmware issue.


Can I use the Arduino soft to erase all parameters on the device, and upload again the code? I don't know how to get rid of these SPIFFS

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Sorry we didn't get back to you earlier. As you posted this as an answer rather than as a comment to my answer the system didn't notify us of the new activity. Unfortunately, the images you must have posted are not showing. Can you post them somewhere publicly (e.g. imgur.com) and post links to them here?

How to build and flash the software yourself is documented in the README of the project at https://github.com/ThingPulse/espaper-client/. However, unless you are really into tinkering yourself with the code there is probably a better alternative. You can download our standalone App Fairy at https://github.com/ThingPulse/app-fairy/releases to flash a pre-built binary. You can get the same binary used in the OTA upgrade process from https://services.espaper.com/firmwares/Espaper29Bw-PROD-V031.bin.

As an alternative we also have a small display/screen tester Arduino sketch available for our ESPaper devices at https://github.com/ThingPulse/espaper-screen-test.

To clean SPIFFS (the ESP8266 file system) you would select the "Erase all memory" option in the App Fairy. In the Arduino IDE selecting Tools > Erase Flash > All Flash Contents has the same effect.
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Here is the image during configur: https://imgur.com/a/0tF8r0m
and after the reboot: https://imgur.com/a/4iVsFmi

I'll try the firmware reset
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Erasing the Flash fixed it! I could then register the device and reconfigure the screen.
Thanks for your support

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